What drives us

We love stories. And we are passionate about sports. When reading the narrative about Armin Hary’s Life it became clear to us, there is one thing that is even more extraordinary than Armin’s achievements. It is his story. It makes us passionate about giving a wider audience the chance to participate in something exceptional.

Tyrone Winbush
Advisory Board Strategy & Marketing

Tyrone studied Digital Media at University of Applied Science Kaiserslautern (Diploma Computer Science) He has a full range of experience in marketing & digital media. Since 2003 Tyrone is Head of Marketing & Communications at TechniSat Digital GmbH and since 2013 Managing Director at Nexxoo Berlin. He is a specialist of multi channel systems in marketing.

Thomas Hoffmann

Thomas studied Digital Media at University of Applied Science Kaiserslautern (Diploma Computer Science). He has been working for over a decade with his own Agency in Munich for the IT and Creative industry as Coach & Project Manager providing an extensive professional experience working with Top100 Global Technology Leaders. Since 2018 Thomas is living in London. He developed the story of Armin Hary by writing the script based on his memories. Thomas founded the Armin Hary Rights Limited.

Antonis Mitsopolous
Experience Design

Antonis has played a leading role in numerous online projects in a variety of industries: Finance, consulting, automotive, media, telecommunications, travel, sports, technology, advertising, government, etc. The work he has been involved in ranges from back-office automation tools that increase productivity to creating compelling digital products that impact the lives of a wide range of people. He is an advocate of the importance of the Design Thinking Mindset and has worked with well-known companies like Apple , Ogilvy and Nike.

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